Cimentos da Beira, a Mozambican company managed by Paulo Ferreira from Ovar, was distinguished with the “Made in Mozambique” seal. With this award, the Government of Sofala intends to encourage national companies to take advantage of the services created in favor of the modernization of management.

At the event, which took place in Munhava Matope, Paulo Ferreira, financial director of Cimentos da Beira, sincerely thanked the Government for its trust, which resulted in the delivery of the seal.

The Provincial Director of Justice, Constitutional and Religious Affairs of Sofala, José Luís Jocene, representing the Governor Maria Helena Taipo, reaffirmed his encouragement to national companies, encouraging them to benefit from the services created in favor of modernizing management.

Speaking about the attribution of the “Made in Mozambique” seal to Cimentos da Beira, he said that the Government intended to encourage national and foreign investment in Mozambique, in order to allow the exploitation of available resources to boost development.

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