Where can you apply this cement?

  • mortars and non-reinforced concrete for filling and regularization
  • structural concrete, ready or manufactured in medium strength work
  • mortars
  • plasters
  • direct and indirect foundations in moderately aggressive environments
  • prefabrication of blocks, pipes, shackles and other articles based on cement
  • light prefabrication in low rotational mold regime
  • repairs in general

EUROCEM 32.5 R is compatible with commercial chemical mixtures.

The mechanical strength of this cement is at the second day >10.0 Mpa and at the 28th day ≥32.5 Mpa.

The EUROCEM 32.5 R is available in bulk and in 50kg triple paper bags.

It can be transported by road or rail, as follows:

  • Standard - 40 bags (2 tons) per unit
  • Normalized on a pallet and with a plastic cover - 40 bags (2 tonnes) per unit
  • Bulk in trucks or tank wagons


Important: Please note that the plastic cover is not waterproof.

This cement is suitable for


General construction operations

Use it in all construction works.


Manufacture of cement products

Blocks, shackles and other products.


Cement indicated for your project

For small or large works. Soil stabilization.


For works inside

General repairs, plastering, floor, walls ...


What you should know about EUROCEM 32.5 R


This product can be dangerous if basic rules are not followed. Read with attention: