Formação contínua no conhecimento


We are a united and competitive team

We empower people and honor the individuality of each employee by saying no to discrimination in the recruitment process. We develop individual and group skills because everyone should have enough opportunities to improve. We do not admit younger employees, that is, no person under the age of 18 will be hired to work at Cimentos da Beira.
Our human resources policy takes into account the incidence of sexual harassment that is treated seriously. We appreciate the ethics and the code of professional conduct.


At Cimentos da Beira, maintaining relationships with communities is a key element. We respect the cultural heritage, customs, interests and rights of the people with whom we interact.


Because we want to always be good neighbors, we contribute every day with our commitment, so that we can live in harmony.


We embrace the culture, the traditions and the word of our people. We also form an integral part of this people and so we strive for the excellence of relationships.