Quality control


To our cement

The cement manufacturing process is done by extracting materials from the quarry. Then the stone passes through a crusher that part, so as to get smaller and easier to be transported.
After these steps it is necessary to grind the stone so that it is powdered and, if necessary, chemically correct the material. This process is called raw crushing. After that, the crust (the ground stone) goes through the baking stage, in ovens that reach 2000ºC, being subjected to temperatures higher than 1450ºC for 10 seconds.

From here comes an artificial rock, called clinker, which, after mixed with additives such as gypsum and other materials, is ground (cement grinding), thus giving rise to different types of cement. the shipment of cement. All air emissions are controlled and subjected to a filtering process, using electrofilters and bag filters.

Cimentos da Beira has the best practices and technologies available in the market, guaranteeing a high standard of quality in all its actions.


Economic performance promotes better production, based on the quality of the company's products.

  • Quality production
  • Advanced technology
  • Market study
  • Effective reporting
  • Teamwork
  • Strong and solid structure

Social relationships

We contribute to an increasingly demanding community in defending their rights.

  • We embrace the culture
  • We love the traditions
  • We defend the word
  • We create relationships
  • We value teaching
  • We hear the media
  • We respect the law

Ecology and environment

We implement best practices in protecting the environment, reducing emissions and energy.

  • Quality of life
  • Environmental wealth
  • Ensuring the future
  • Fauna and flora
  • Ecological systems