Políticas da Qualidade



Cimentos da Beira is committed to ensuring that all applicable legislation(Decree n. 18/2016), industry practices and recommendations are incorporated into our Quality Management System (QMS). Cimentos da Beira will implement the QMS and continue to monitor its compliance, while striving to develop, expand and improve it on an ongoing basis, in order to exploit its advantages and improve our knowledge and know-how. Cimentos da Beira will strive to produce products and provide services that meet the requirements of national Standards (NM NP EN 197-1 e 2) and, whenever possible, customer expectations.

By doing so, Cimentos da Beira is committed to:

  • Respond promptly to Customers and interested parties while developing a common relationship of trust between all;
  • Promote the development of technical knowledge within the Cimentos da Beira team, in order to ensure that all services and products are delivered by responsible qualified professionals;
  • Ensure full compliance with internal and legal requirements, as well as international standards related to the Quality Management system, in all processes;
  • Establish and periodically review the Quality Management System and its objectives, in order to continuously improve its effectiveness and satisfaction of the stakeholders;
  • Create and implement procedures aimed at minimizing the environmental impacts of activities, as well as the risks arising from work in order to protect employees and other interested parties;
  • Communicate this Quality Policy to interested parties for their understanding and acceptance of the Quality Management System;
  • Deliver products that meet customer needs and expectations through continuous improvement of our performance.

Therefore, our Quality Policy is: