Where can you apply this cement?

  • ready-mixed concrete or fabricated in high strength or initial strength
  • prestressed concrete at very young ages
  • concrete applied in cold weather
  • heavy prefabrication with high turnover of molds

This cement allows the manufacture of concrete with high mechanical performance, recommending the prior study of compositions to obtain the best performance. The use of this cement is compatible with the introduction of latent hydraulicity additions and it is usual to use adjuvants to improve workability with possible reduction of water / cement ratio.

ULTRACEM 52.5 N is compatible with commercial chemical blends.

The mechanical strength of this cement is at day 2 >10,0 Mpa and at day 28 ≥52,5 Mpa.

The ULTRACEM 52.5 N is available in bulk and in 50kg triple paper bags.

It can be transported by road or rail, as follows:

  • Normalized - 40 bags (2 tons) per unit
  • Normalized on a pallet and with a plastic cover - 40 bags (2 tonnes) per unit
  • Bulk in trucks or tank wagons

Important: Please note that the plastic cover is not waterproof.

This cement is suitable for


General construction operations

Use it on all construction sites.


Manufacture of cement products

Large suspended lages and other products.


Cement indicated for your project

For large works with high resistance like dams.


For works in the interior

General repairs, floor, walls ...


What you should know about ULTRACEM 52.5 N

This product can be dangerous if basic rules are not followed. Read with attention: