Calene and Lúcio, who performed at the Christmas party of the company Cimentos da Beira on the 26th of November 2022, the Board of Directors decided to offer 200 bags of cement (100 for each) to those targeted they choose, which type of cement, which was made through a visit by the comedians to the #CdB factory and a tour of its various departments, with greater emphasis on Production, more specifically, the Bagging Sector. It was also explained to them how to apply the cement and the comedians chose the SUPERCEM 42.5R, taking into account the stage of their work.

It is worth remembering that Cimentos da Beira, Lda is currently the only company in Mozambique that produces 5 different types of Cement, namely VIACEM 32.5N, EUROCEM 32.5R, DURACEM 42.5N, SUPERCEM 42.5R and ULTRACEM 52.5N.
“Cimentos da Beira, Lda, within the scope of its social responsibility, has once again shown that it is a company that exists in the market to help everyone, regardless of their social status or profession.”